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Plasti Dip was founded by Robert Haasl in the end of 1972 as Plasti Dip International in Minnesota, America. The company started out producing, researching and developing “plastic in aerosol” products and solutions, also referred to Plastisol. PlastiDip produced in the period between 2010 and 2015 as a easy and creative way to customize paintcolor with a peelable, flexible spray-on coating for Automobile.



The original, Peelable, Weatherproof, Durable Liquid wrap.

We, Flaunt Your Color proudly presents you.
The world’s best paint protection for your Car, Bike and Wheels.

  • 01Yes, it is 200+ Micron thickness Coating.
  • 02Yes, it stops stone chips & scratches.
  • 03Yes, it comes with Warranty.
  • 04Yes, it is Custom Paint Protection.
  • 05Yes, it comes with more color options.
  • 06Yes, it is available in Gloss and Matte Finish.